You Must Have Faith

You have to have faith to know that what you believe will be.  Without faith you cannot believe that the futuristic thoughts that you perceive will even exist.  They won’t even come to existence.  Oh but with faith you know and you have something to help accelerate and exhilarate your thoughts which turn into actions.  If only you have the faith of as small as a mustard seed you can accomplish so many things.  Have faith and do all things that you perceive.  Bring them to life!


Be Greatful

When we awaken we need to know that we were chosen.  That means you should be greatful for another day.  Embrace what you have and who you have and choose to be blessed.  We are all special in our own way and we must learn to be sensual and embrace the day.  Use your five senses: smell(to appreciate great smells around us), touch(to feel the greatness all around us) audio( to hear the wonderful sounds that intrigue us), sight( to vision all good things sensual), and lastly taste( to enjoy the good foods that we indulge that make us strong and healthy).  Enjoy your day!

Be a Leader

It is hard to lead when you continue to follow the Jones’ or  the trends that are all around us.  You have to be an example and be the person that God created you to be.  If you don’t lead you will fall for anything.  You have to have substance in order to have some meaningful direction.  You must do your research when a question comes up that you are unable to answer.  You must have a path to travel upon.  What do you stand for.  Followers have no direction.  They are always trying to jump on the next band wagon and better yet they are someone’s passenger on the passenger seat of a car.  “Be the driver of your own vehicle”

Reclaim yourself and have Vision for Self

You ever wonder why you could never get your thoughts and ideas off and running. Well take a look within yourself and know that it all starts with you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and do different things. For example, you should never stop wanting to learn and therefore how are you ever gonna teach. Be sure to grab hold of all things new and never be afraid to advocate for self and do you as long as it is in decency and order. Keep living life the best that you can and refuse to be a loser.

Gentrification across the United States

You would be surprised how many people have never even heard of the word “gentrification” , well needless to say I need you to pull out your dictionary and get on board because it is happening in DC and in Maryland and across the U.S.  Whether it is good or bad for the poor or the middle-class or the rich it is happening.  There is a lot of building in any empty space the construction developers can find and the contract is sealed and paid for.  Will you be a have or a have not?  Don’t be left behind move forward and discover great things in your community.  Don’t be afraid when they begin to start closing low-income housing in your neighborhood.  Be apart of the solution and not the problem.  Keep on moving D.C. and Maryland and in other places where gentrification is taking place.  Tell your story.  How is this affecting you!

Women Rock!

I dedicate this blog today to all of the American women who are inspiring young girls all over the world.  Let’s start with the Olympic Team who accomplished great pheats by startling the world with their amazing win against Japan and  brought tears to the people who welcomed them in New York, next I want to thank Serena Williams for giving the world a show for winning the Wimbeldon, and the first African-American ballerina Misty Copeland for breaking amazing barriers, and last but not least to my daughter, Shannel Ward for being a great mom and to let her know she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her and to beat all of the odds that comes upon her.  I love you world. Keep helping others and humble yourselves.  Great Job Women!

Great Job to All who covered this story Dont be afraid to advocate for the people of DC

Great Job Team as well as the investigative unit Synthetic Drug use is a big issue all over our city.  The City is crying for help.  I stand  before you drug free and I advocate and take a stand for my negative results that the court tried to throw out of docket.

I appreciate all you do for the community and I want to let you know I thank you and your colleagues Cnn, Channel 4 news, Microwave radio and others for taking a stand a the court house today.  Justice will prevail and I have my amended paperwork to prove it.  Great Job done and great work covering today’s trending. I applaud you for advocated for DC.  I have let the mayor know about your great work as well as the City council as well

The Superior Court System of DC

Today I stand before the DC court system where they are giving me the run around.  The judge does not know the DC law.  She keeps giving me orders that does not give proper instruction and now I am running around this court like a chicken with my head cut off.  Everybody covering their tracks to avoid being exposed for errors.  I  now have to wait for the judge Kimberly Knowles to come into her chambers to provide a new order.  This should be interesting.  I have filed a complaint already and Fox 5 news have been called. Whether they show up or not time will tell.  I am reporting unfair practices of the DC Superior court.  God I know you got my back!  I can’t do this alone.

The American Family

How do you classify yourself.  Others will try to classify us by race, gender, ethnicity, you name it in order to discriminate upon you.  I was at a government office in
DC the other day and I asked for help with documentation and you know they pointed to the race portion.  I told them “I think I know that much”  We don’t all know what our moms and dad have done.  They may have skeletons in their closet and want to hide who they have conceived or better yet who has conceived you, but we are all in the same melting pot together.  The discussion continues, how do you classify yourself as an American