Gentrification across the United States

You would be surprised how many people have never even heard of the word “gentrification” , well needless to say I need you to pull out your dictionary and get on board because it is happening in DC and in Maryland and across the U.S.  Whether it is good or bad for the poor or the middle-class or the rich it is happening.  There is a lot of building in any empty space the construction developers can find and the contract is sealed and paid for.  Will you be a have or a have not?  Don’t be left behind move forward and discover great things in your community.  Don’t be afraid when they begin to start closing low-income housing in your neighborhood.  Be apart of the solution and not the problem.  Keep on moving D.C. and Maryland and in other places where gentrification is taking place.  Tell your story.  How is this affecting you!


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