We must stop Killing Each Other

Let me introduce myself, I am a Baltimorian yet resident of D.C who appreciates all of the new sights that both places have to offer.  However, I understand that there is plenty of work that must be done all around me.  In the midst of living in a place where there is no representation I travel every weekend to get a taste of Charm City my hometown.  I want to unite the people of both places and make a statement that we must stop killing each other.


Be better

As I grow older each day I enjoy helping others around me as I am constantly advocating for myself and the people I encounter.  It is our duty to come out of self and inspire all that we see.  I am thankful for my past knowledge and I now choose to spread my laughter, love, and competence with men, women, and children that want to better themselves and make a difference in the political realm,  on the streets, and to break generational cycles that repeat themselves in so many of our lives.  We all deserve better, but everything is a work in action and it all starts with a process in order to progress.