We are such a Melting Pot

melting pot  It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by such interesting and brilliant people.  We are connected through social media, as we walk our streets in our own neighborhood, in our churches, at school and even at our jobs.  The truth is, we have so many similarities, but yet so many differences.  We put on our pants the same, we eat the same, but maybe with different utensils, and we smile and frown in the same melting pot blends us all together in this oh so distant world in which we live.  We must encourage our children or the younger generations to love everyone as our selves.  If we try this, if we do just that the world would definitely be a better place to live.  In church I recall the lyrics to a song,” If you want the world to be a better place to live in:  try a little love, try a little peace, don’t put it off try a little love today.  Be blessed and stay inspired!melting


How Often Do You Help Others

goldOur blessings are best received when we take the time to help others.  Why do we spend so much time trying to please ourselves.  We can often be so self-centered.  There is a better way.  Helen Steiner Rice noted in her poem, “Discipline in daily duty will shape your life for deeper beauty and as you grow in strength and grace the more clearly you can see God’s face.  The more we do for others the greater our reward.  We should not get so bent out of shape on our earthly possessions.  Surely, we cannot take any of those items with us.  Be inspired by thanking of others first and foremost.  Greater is the reward.

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My trip on the X2 metro bus in Northeast D.C.

This week I was shocked to see that there was a lady of non-black or non-latino descent that was selling “Weed Lollipops” on the bus.  She was selling them for $10 a pop and collecting emails to get in touch with her “future customers”.  Ok, let us get one thing straight, we all know that smoking and eating weed is legal in the District, but we all know that distribution is illegal.  My god, I can imagine if a black or Latina person was distributing in the wide open we would not get very far as the bus driver himself would pull the bus over and await the cops to escort us off of the bus straight to jail.  We must stop the blatant discrimination that plagues us all and we must be fair in believing that we can just maneuver through the system so openly and widely.  Furthermore, the minorities of D.C. do not need any additional drugs to become addicted to.  We are dealing with enough adversity and diversions that keep us from living to our fullest potential.

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Thanks to all of my Supporters

I understand with the constant emails, tags, post, and beeps coming your way from the world wide web, it can be difficult keeping track of individuals unless there is some major comedy or gossip going on.  That is why I would like to thank all of my supporters who take the time out to tree.  It is with great pleasure that I send this thank you and I will continue to do all that I can to keep you motivated and inspire your inner self as I learn to also inspire myself.thank you

The Fear of the Unknown

fearThere are alot of things that we fear.  Whatever it may be, you can get through it.  Our inner child sometimes need comfort.  You have to sit them down and let them know that it is okay and that you are all grown up now.  It sounds so very cliche, but really there is nothing to fear but fear itself .  What this means is that we tell ourselves to be afraid of the known or the unknown and we work up such a hysteric that we believe that we cannot overcome.  You must be couragous and never look back. Take the bull horn and yell out loud”Fear get out of my Way”.  You can do it.  For Godgod does not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.  Peace be with you.fear in your head

We Need Each Other

th13K5ZFBII have mentioned in earlier post that how we treat another reflects upon how we want to be treated.  I have to revisit the issue.  It is most important because there is something called Karma that cares nothing about any of us, but yet it exist in the universe.  What you dish out will come back to you whether you are an atheist, God-fearing, or a Buddhist(whatever your religion is).  That is why we need to be careful with our actions.  Let us focus on the people who are the closest to us:  Family, church members, friends, etc.: these are the individuals as part of a whole that we should treat with kindness and care.  love each otherHow do we love and respect perfect strangers and turn our backs on the people whom we are supposed to love.  You may not see your family all the time or even talk to them, but in the end that is all we have.  There is a saying “that family treats us the worst”thD94XL1S4 in any given situation, however it is up to us to change this phrase and make a better place to reside in.  “Can we all just get along”?

Don’t Be a Gossiper

Are you a rumor starter? cut out your tongue

Do you like to spread other people’s business around?   Most of us tend to gossip to continue to keep ourselves from being  exposed.  Let’s face it, when we can talk about other people’s wrong doings it hides our blemishes and things we don’t want people to know about us. We do these things to keep the attention off of ourselves. gossip hurts Exposing other people’s drug usage, sexual orientation, or even illnesses tells us alot about ourselves.  gossipAre you secretly doing drugs when other’s are not looking or around, are you living a life that is a lie?  Do you have secrets that you do not want to be exposed.  Well, believe it or not, the less you gossip the more time you have to work on your short comings.  In addition, the more you are exposed the greater the person you will becomegossiper

Still You Smile

When you sometimes feel defeated and the world is caving in on you,

Still you smile

When your friends turn their backs on you and they seem not to care,

Still you smile

When you can’t get what you have been praying for when you think you are supposed to have it

Still you smile

baby smilingWhen you ask yourself, Why Lord Why and you don’t get an answer

Still you smilesmiling post its

Today is here

Tomorrow is near

which brings forth new opportunity

in the midst of it all

Still You Smilesunshine

Standing Alone

person standing alone 2That’s right, you will not always receive the support that you should get.  You should continue Constructive criticism is necessary to illuminate your growth. alone on the bus stop Even in the midst of criticism, you still have to stand by yourself. Sometimes you will not be understood and you have to explain more critically.  If this is the case, be patient and effective. person standing alone Some people think one-sided and do not allow other views.  There are several ways that anything can be done and there are many ways to do different things.  Keep at it and remember that sometimes you have to stand alone.chess piece

Do unto Others as You would like them to Treat You

th2EYXM715It may seem so simple, but everyone wants to be treated with kindness and respect.  Needless to say, treat people in the way that you want to be treated. For example, it is okay to hold the door for the person coming behind you, or to put that road rage to the side as we all have a destination.  Believe it or not, the things you put out will surely come back to you.  Also, it makes you feel good when you do kind gestures for others.  Give it a try! Peace be with you.thBOVL8HDQ