We Need Each Other

th13K5ZFBII have mentioned in earlier post that how we treat another reflects upon how we want to be treated.  I have to revisit the issue.  It is most important because there is something called Karma that cares nothing about any of us, but yet it exist in the universe.  What you dish out will come back to you whether you are an atheist, God-fearing, or a Buddhist(whatever your religion is).  That is why we need to be careful with our actions.  Let us focus on the people who are the closest to us:  Family, church members, friends, etc.: these are the individuals as part of a whole that we should treat with kindness and care.  love each otherHow do we love and respect perfect strangers and turn our backs on the people whom we are supposed to love.  You may not see your family all the time or even talk to them, but in the end that is all we have.  There is a saying “that family treats us the worst”thD94XL1S4 in any given situation, however it is up to us to change this phrase and make a better place to reside in.  “Can we all just get along”?


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