My trip on the X2 metro bus in Northeast D.C.

This week I was shocked to see that there was a lady of non-black or non-latino descent that was selling “Weed Lollipops” on the bus.  She was selling them for $10 a pop and collecting emails to get in touch with her “future customers”.  Ok, let us get one thing straight, we all know that smoking and eating weed is legal in the District, but we all know that distribution is illegal.  My god, I can imagine if a black or Latina person was distributing in the wide open we would not get very far as the bus driver himself would pull the bus over and await the cops to escort us off of the bus straight to jail.  We must stop the blatant discrimination that plagues us all and we must be fair in believing that we can just maneuver through the system so openly and widely.  Furthermore, the minorities of D.C. do not need any additional drugs to become addicted to.  We are dealing with enough adversity and diversions that keep us from living to our fullest potential.

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