You must have a Teachable Spirit

teachable spiritIn order to move forward in this life you must be willing to learn new things, however in order to learn more you must have a teachable spirit. thKQ973HJ0 All great men and women who have ever had purpose, have made themselves available to learn something new everyday.  All things that you learn must also be reproofed.  You must test them against what the bible says, against literary works, and against research that you can find throughout the library.  Be a steward and continue to learn in order to be the best that you can ever be in life.  Don’t close yourself to other people’s ideas, but don’t fall for just anything either.  You must live and think outside of the BOX


Activism means to Activate

mobilize you  What does activism mean and what does an activist do? Okay, to break it down in terms “the Mirriam-Webster dictionary explains activism as:  a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous  action as a robotespecially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue.”  Secondly, what exactly does an activist do?  An activist in my own words, takes every initiative to take a stand for what he or she believes is the right things and are the right thing(s) to do.  An activist lives his or her life with purpose and is not afraid to stand up to the “powers that be” to begin to make a difference in the world in which we live. The “powers to be” can be any branch of government, police, any organization or business that have wronged you or someone else by displaying or practicing unfairness or discrimination on purpose.  Now, how do you active button the activism in you?  You must be willing to take a stand and have a voice when others won’t.  You must have dignity and pride in one’s self to not back down because of someone else’s false power or wrong doings. An activist can make a difference daily as everything big starts out small and as a process to bigger progressives.  It takes a leader to want the best for this world that is steadily failing us, it takes courage, and most of all it takes all of us to the word activate in black and white the button within us to make a difference for now and for our future generations.

activate with people

The Best is Yet to Come

the bestYou have so much to do.  Gird up your loins, plant your feet, and get moving.  You have so much in store for you.  Keep striving for the excellent things in life and all of your dreams will come true.  You do not even have a clue as to all the great things that will become of you.  You just need someone to help you and encourage the great things about you. the best is yet to come People are not going to come out and tell you how great you are.  If anything they will be intimidated by you and your greatness.  Do not apologize for your boldness.  Keep it moving, and never give up.push yourselfThere is so much more that we expect of you always trust and believe this is true.jesus the best is yet to come

Be Inspired and Stay Inspired

be inspiredIt can definitely be complicated to be inspired in this crazy world that we live in.  However, we can make the best of it by appreciating the little things that make us happy.  Hold on to all of the things that inspire you such as the smell of a slender rose, yes stop and smell the roses. rosesstop and smell the roses You can also become inspired by other people’s kind words that keep us on the up and up.  We must hold on to the things that keep us inspired no matter how hard it might be.  We can also be inspired by comedy, a good film,or even our own beauty.  Explore the beauty within yourself and never let you of the inspiration around you

Stop Hiding Your Talents

bridge of changeFear will consume most of us and stop us from becoming or doing the things that were intended of us.
never fear the lionDon’t allow the unknown to  unsettle you or hold you back.  Be defiant and fly as high as you can to reach for the objective or goal most furthest away from you.  I believe in you I know you can do it.  Be all that you can be fly, fly, away like a bird who know no height.  For there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  You must calm the scaredness inside of you will a cup of team or a warm blanket.  Be the comfort that you need to you and yourself.dont fear you

Don’t Let Others Dethrone You

As you travel through life’s journey there will be haters that will try to knock you off of your throne.  You need to be strong enough not to allow another to do such a thing.  They will scandalize your name or even worse portray violence against you.  You must be strong enough to withstand the storm’s of life which include vicious attacks from others who mean you no good.  When the time arises, stand tall and keep your head held high because the hate is not strong enough to overcome to love you must hold close and dear to your heart.  Standfast in the liberty in which God has set you free dodge your haters that try to dethrone you from your joy in life.haters   haters i dont listen