Literacy for the Literate

I need everyone to pick up a newspaper, magazine or anything that interest you.  We are always encouraging the children to read especially now that school is back in session, but what about you?  How often do you read? I invite you to jump on board of my new campaign:

“Literacy for the Literate”literacy campaign 2


Literacy for the Literate

I am starting a new campaign and I need everyone to get a book and read it.  Knowledge is power!   We have become programmed by visuals and we have forgotten how to read.  We don’t even like reading manual and instructions on putting basic appliances together.  Stay tuned for “Literacy for the Literate”.

Be the Best You That’s All You Can Do

be youThrough your daily journey, you are going to encounter little whispers that will tell you that you can’t accomplish or do certain things.  That’s o.k. that just means you are getting closer to that ground breaking idea or the completion of a task at hand.  Keep near to you that person that encourages you even when your car runs out of fuel or even when you trip and fall. be you Like pastor Jamal Bryant from Baltimore says, “It’s like riding in the HOV lane you must have a passenger riding gunshot in order to be in that lane in the first place.  Stop trying to impress others by acting all booshie and too safisticated, just be yourself and others will flock to you just by your inner beauty.  Stay inspired! be you

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