Edit: Revitalization for the Homeless: DC General Family Shelter and Surrounding Shelter Units

I am very appreciative to the Washington Legal Clinic for all of the advocate work that they do to end homelessness in Washington, DC.  The issue at hand that affects so many of us here in the District is the closing of D.C. General Family Shelter.  Due to some of the conditions that plague the families that live there it can make even the basic necessities seem unlivable.

The Washington Legal clinic, since its inception date of 1987, has helped protect and legitimize legislation for those who are less fortunate and need help to combat homeless issues.  Needless to say, the month of October have been particularly busy for them as they have been participating in Council hearings and visiting DC council members to fight for the rights of families.  I have joined them in the fight as you will find the hearing online of the entire hearing of October 13, 2015.  Many were able to tell there story and to give heartfelt testimony of their visions and reality for homeless families.  As statistical data, surveys, and graphs were presented to the council members in written documents and visual testimony. There’s one thing I wanted to clarify that we probably did not explain very well on Monday and that you may want to clarify in your blog. The bill that is currently before the Council would not require the city to replace dc general with shelters that require more privacy (such as bathrooms or kitchenettes) or even that were newer or smaller. Marta Beresin of the Legal Clinic also specified “We are asking Councilmembers to change that bill by supporting an amendment that would require units to have features that give families more privacy and dignity. Next Tuesday they’ll vote on the bill and any amendments to the bill that Councilmembers offer.”  As the bill is still under review I would like to thank Council members: Kenyan McDuffie,  Yvette Alexander, Vincent Orange(at-large), Brandon T. Todd, and many others for allowing us to give our face to face testimony.  As some members are for the bill and some are not I urge all council members to get on board as the time is now and people’s lives are at stake for better living.

(enter the below address into the internet to view the council hearing)