Divide between the Have and the Have Nots in DC

Hudson Yard Development Process 2015 stock photoGentrification is booming across the District of Columbia.  I recently attended a Summit for Tenant Advocacy and DC Fiscal Policy Institute analyst Wes Rivers,  explained to all members and guest that “affordable housing in the district is quickly vanishing”.  This my friends is oh so true.  The government along with realty companies are making it difficult to rent or lease at a descent living.  The average rent in DC ranges from $1000 to 2500 and it does not matter what neighbourhood you live.  In some of the poorest areas that you can possibly find the neighbourhood’s are becoming gentrified by high priced luxury apartments that purposely overprice their rent to ensure that Section 8 voucher recipients do not move into their property.  Even more alarming, alot of the luxury apartments are creating separate dwellings in the buildings that are strictly for low income and are not allowing the  voucher recipients to have the same choices as all other renters.  This method is discriminatory and not much is being done to solve this problem.  Seniors are even facing a tough time finding affordable places to live because the divide is quickly taking place to separate the have’s
from the have not’s.  Renter’s beware and do educate yourself on gentrification.  It affects all of us.  Don’t wait until the high tides role in, get on board.The Block - Blocktagon stock photo


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