4 Top Spa Trends

Spa trends are rapidly changing to fit the needs of the people who are taking spa-ing very seriously.  New trends are breaking new heights and surpassing the average spa experience.  Spas are now becoming involved in everyday lifestyles and are showing up at the airport, the workplace, and of course during travel and vacation lodging.

Topping the new trends in the spa world is health and wellness.  People want to live longer and are focused on taking better care of their skin, mental being, hair, nails and the environment.  Instead of just utilizing the spa for recreation the spa experience is becoming a part of daily living.  For the traveler, hotels are adopting  a healthy ambiance for their that fits into the wellness era.  Doctors and therapist are becoming more involved with their patients to decrease chronic pain and to take precautionary measures for future problems concerning patient care.  Now, who doesn’t want to look younger and feel better about themselves?  Innovative spa treatments are helping with skin care needs by  adding products and therapy that containing vitamins and minerals that are directly applied on the skin.  For example, Vitamin C treatment is used to create a tighter skin and to give more of a healthier shine as it increases exfoliation.  Spa wellness is especially trending in order to stablize and protect one’s mental being.  Treatnent can be administered via massage or even sauna.  A Japanese bath is the newest trend similar to the sauna experience that helps destress and improve circulation.   The main ingredient in this bath includes ginger which also is said to take the stress away. In addition, spa owners are making the spa scene more environmentally friendly which is better for the planet and to embrace the best serenity.  Natural visualizations create oxygen and ‘going green’ speaks for itself.

Second of the spa trends is customizing and making the spa experience more personal.  Customization of the spa experience can be as simple as choosing a specific geographic location that fits a persons needs.  Personalize the spa by selecting products and services that will be used to fil an individuals comfort level and choice.  Consultants can access each person to make their visit all their own.  It is important to elaborate on the whole of the spa rather than just bits and pieces.  Whether it is face and feet, skin and body, or hair and nails, all are essential in selecting customary features.

Third on the list of trending spa events are treatments for him.  That’s right, men are increasingly becoming spa buffs and appreciate the hot stone treatments all the way to cosmetics.  More spas than ever are just for men and men can relax and get their face mask as well as a wonderful massage.  The spa is no longer just a feminine event.

Last but not least, sand and salt are a big hit at the local spa.  Salts can be used to scrub and exfoliate especially for the feet, but’s the trend is sitting in a salt room as it evaporates into the air.  This will reduce sickness and will also give more effectiveness to better immunity.  On the flip side, sand baths are equally trending.  Consumers are able to immerse in heated sand on tables.  Sand is also used for mud massages and mask.

Whatever the geographic location, whether at the airport, or on the job the spa community is the place to be. Relaxation and de-stressing is necessary to combat today’s hustle and bustle.  Make the best of life and don’t be afraid to unwind.


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