Allegiance to your Life

All of our lives must contain substance.  We all must have something concrete that defines us.  It could be that you are a stay at home mom and you devote most of your time to your children, but the hours that they are away at school, doing homework, or leisure  activities will allow you to focus on your goals or whatever it is that fullfills your life.  The key is to not worry what others think of you.  That will hinder you and cause you to stay stuck.  Or it could be that you are a doctor or surgeon and you devote most of your time to your patients, but the hours that you spend on your days off should not just be to sleep in.  It is imperative that you do not lose who your in the process of helping others.  You are most effective when you begin to appreciate yourself and who you are and what you will become.  You see, your career does not define you. Your spirit, well-being, confidence, and love for self defines who you really are.  You must continue to strive for newness, and continue to be true to your own heart. sand heart at the beach, Nikon D5100.jpg

Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  “There are things which are more valuable than food, clothing and shelter. There are commodities far more precious than automobiles, houses and electronic devices of communication. Treasures in heaven: Things we should value and want to have, because they come from God, bring us close to God, make us better people and prepare us for a happy eternity after death!”-Warren E. Berkley
When Your Life is on course with its purpose, you are your most powerful.”-Oprah Winfrey.  We idolize material things such as the American flag by pledging allegiance.  We define ourselves by our degrees and skill set.  There is just so much more to you.  Pledge allegiance to your life.  You are beautiful .  Let your beauty show.


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