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Abouttochangetheworld and TakingYouPlaces Inc. is the name of an extraordinary mother and son  duo and life changing movement that strives to encourage, motivate, educate, and bring out the best in everyone.  Through poetry, politics, human rights,  dance, music, gaming, spirituality, good fun, and good eating- the world will feel better, look better, taste better, smell better, and most of all sound better.  Check out my page. Like me Google me, subscribe me.  It’s your choice.  It is an honor to share my knowledge and inspiration with you.  Stay inspired!


Who is girlonboard295corridor.com

This site was created to inspire, encourage, and teach the world how to do better in so many aspects.  No matter your issues you should look deep within yourself to make you and your surroundings as peaceful and hospitable as the Lord allows. However, with this my friends we must understand that there is learning that needs to be done, in the spiritual and in the physical.  If you like gaming come and jump aboard we appreciate your comments.  We thank you for your likes and comments in our test period.

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