I Adore and Appreciate You

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I Adore and Appreciate You

cropped-file0007397949371.jpgSince the test trial of my Page on YouTube their have been many things for me to learn and set the foundation for girlonboard295corridor/    Lennette Ward/                       gaming with dremann1234/   TakingYouPlaces/  AbouttoChangetheWorld.  I am honored to know you and I will continue to inspire and uplift the world.  Like my pages, subscribe to my YouTube, or just view for your enjoyment.  Feel free to leave comments or feedback.  Stay inspired!


Artist of the day and a motivational poem by me

Artist of the day by girlonboard295corridor.com


Poem by Lennette Ward(girlonboard295corridor.com)

Why Does532379545 Normalcy alw
ays Take so Long

Why Do People Always Notice
All the Things We Do Wrong
Surely I am tired of the Baggage I Carry Around
I’m tired of Not being able to get my feet off the ground
My heart is heavy Never to cry no more
My Spirit is filled with whelps followed by an array of bleeding soars
I’m tired of not Loving me the way I should
I’m tired of others only recognizing the wrong and not the good
I’m Nobody’s Whore
I’m not your mat under the door
I’m giving too much of me this I know
I won’t allow myself to flourish or to grow
I Refuse to wallow in my own self pity
I gotta buckle down in my own life get down to the nitty gritty
Do what’s right in the sight of god
Till my blessings which I long for are released from afar

Food for Thought: The Hidden Truth

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On October 13, 2013 Miriam Carey was shot and killed by the U.S. Secret Service.  I will not speak on the issue(as it is currently under investigation), but I will provide you details and you can judge for yourself whether or not this young lady and her child had past connections with President Obama which might have caused her assassination.

  • Here is a letter addressed to the lawyer of Miriam Carey, Edward Sanders.  He is now in jail for a past bankruptcy.  He is being fined $1000 a day until he pays his debt.

“MIRIAM’S FAMILY LAWYER ARRESTED. In an attempt to fight Eric Frances for custody of the child, Miriam’s family hired a lawyer, Eric Sanders, who insisted, “This isn’t over yet.” Shortly after this statement, Mr. Sanders was arrested and arraigned infederal court for failure to pay $181,666 he owed in relation to a bankruptcy case…

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