Life Has Meaning Understand That

mazelocksLife has meaning beyond what you can believe or achieve.  We were all put here for a purpose in order to fulfill our destiny.  Some may think that they create their own destiny, but you did not choose your existence.  There may be times in your life where you feel like their are locks and mazes that keep you from getting where you want to go.  Low and behold, you are saved by grace and you gain the wisdom that God has given to your very existence.  It is their for you.  You must be wise enough to grab hold of the knowledge.  You must be mature enough to pick your battles.battle  Please be advised that it is not all about you.  Your existence is based on another’s will to live or to learn how to exist for themselves. God, our higher power, ordained you because of the purpose that he has set fit for you. We are all connected through our own energy.  We see other’s in ourselves.  We grow by our previous generations.  Life as we all see it has meaning, but you must search to find your purpose.  Remember you did not put yourself here or the generations before that so stop wasting time and find your true purpose.IMG_20170322_140043


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