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Watch out for Infiltrators

None of us asked to be here.  Now that I have your attention, I want you to think about this.295  If you came through birth alone   (by God) and will leave through death alone  (by God), why are you spending so much time entertaining the infiltrators(haters and snakes).  Everyone including the devil can be infiltrated.  The only thing that cannot be infiltrated is God, that is it.  Don’t always judge the people that are doing evil doings.  The devil is using them to hurt and destroy you, that is what he does.  Weak people with no hope, hungry, or no spirituality can be easily infiltrated.   No weapon formed against us will Prosper.  Pray the devil away.  Peace be still.  Be inspired.

Artist of the day

  1. Dj Clue

    New York City and Atlanta connect on DJ Clue’s new single “Last Night.”

    DJ Clue never fails to bring the best of the best together for the clubs. Last weekend, the Power 105 DJ dropped his newest single “Last Night,” which brings Atlanta’s heavy hitter Future and New York City veteran Tru Life into an energetic realm.

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    Future and Tru Life have a chemistry that’s rare in the concrete jungle. Their flows match seamlessly over the mesmerizing instrumental produced by Myles Williams, who co-produced for Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé, as well as Tru Life’s comeback single, “Bag for It,” with Rick Ross and Velous.


Don’t Let Gentrification Throw You Off

If you are from the DMV you may be experiencing a bit of a “throw off”.  Buildings and establishments as you use to remember might know longer exist.  New organizations and companies are popping up all around you.  However, there is no need to be alarmed.   Embrace the newness and become apart of a new era.  A new era of civil liberties, peace, love, and continued growth.  Be apart of the solution, please don’t be the problem.  Refuse to Lose DMV. Refuse to lose as we all have purpose in this world in which we live.295











Millennium Artist of the day


country:  Hungary



This magnificent dance team is doing what has to be done to breakthrough.  I am sure with my help they will.  Keep up the great work.  Keep dancing to inspire the world, we sure do need all the inspiration we can receive to offset the negative.




I’m Back yall

Hey FAM, friends, and amazing followers. The last you heard from me, I initiated a promotion that would recognize my 1000 follower. Well I have been going through some life issues that I had to straighten out. Everything is all good now, and I am honored to inspire you, educate you, and lift up families across the world. I pick tonight to reflect on my life, my wonderful children, and my friends from every walk of my life. I encourage people to read more because it wakes up the brain cells in your mind. Get on board.

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