Girlonboard295corridor’s Top 10 music list for the day: Stay Tuned and stay inspired!

#3 is: the honorable and late James Ingram who helped to mold and shape my life.


10 rules for the day

Rule #1- Never look a crazy person in the eye. Keep it moving!

Rule #2-Do not display any road rage. Stay in your own damn lane.

Rule #3-Protect your women and  daughters as if your life depended on it. Real talk

Rule #4-The Brain is awesome.  Try thinking about what you are going to say before it actually comes out of your mouth

Rule #5-Be grateful for all that you have.  You are not invincible from life situations.  What goes up can come down and the same is true for the opposite correlation.  Let us call it gravitation.


Rule #6- Communicate with your children.  It will make it more complicated for the snakes to recruit them on the street.  These are factual truths.


Rule #7- Have a daily plan and stick to it.  Don’t allow others to pull you around like a puppet all day.  Govern yourself while being respectful.  Their are modern day bullies in school and the work place.

Rule #8- Be Patient.  Good things come to those who wait.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  We are not in a race even though it feels like we are.

Rule #9- Don’t miss out on your blessings by being grumpy, mean, and in everybody’s business. Govern yourself.


Rule #10- Take care of your body. In and out you need nutrients, water, and plenty of rest. Refuse to Lose