The old year has gone and in with the new

cropped-img_20170322_140043What is your political stance? How much do you appreciate your life.  It does not matter about a govt. shutdown or a life unexpectancy if that is a word.  You have the authority to rebuke the evil around you so that your children and family are protected.  When you go daily without prayer, praise to God, and reading whatever word you desire to read pointing to one God you are not covered and you can be easily infiltrated.  No weapon formed against you will prosper until God says so. Know that.  Enjoy your year and keep your children, family, and friends prayed up.  God Shield us all with a breast plate of rightousness  and a shield of protection.  We did not ask to be here and so we are and we refuse to lose!

topless toddler with pants sitting on white surface while looking up
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